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Emissions, Carbon markets and trading

Nivel 3

29 aprilie 2021

The "Emissions, Carbon markets and trading" course takes place online, being designed to provide participants with details about the European carbon market and trading, the role of the Paris Agreement, the EU and the national governments.



This course is organized in collaboration with Entrima, founded (2014) to provide a solution to market participants for the influx of regulation of capital and energy markets. Various regulatory packages require staff training; education being a mandatory part of the compliance framework. Interpretation of case studies requires specific knowledge of markets, products, prices and trading, as well as value chains of metals, agricultural products, oil, gas, coal and electricity


  • Fundamentals of emissions

    • greenhouse gasses and their consequences

    • About Kyoto & UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement

    • Covering the Conferences of Parties (COP)

  • Emission rights – Carbon markets

    • basic idea of creating a price incentive, or cost

    • trading of emission rights

    • Compliance vs Voluntary Markets

  • Emission trading scheme (ETS)

    • Phase 4 of EU ETS (2021-2030) and changes

    • Market Stability Reserve

    • Leakage

    • EU-ETS cap & trade mechanism; how does it work?

    • Auctions and Futures

    • Growing Role Speculators

    • European Union Allowances (EUAs) & registration

  • Clean development mechanism (CDM) & Joint implementation (JI)

    • Future of CDM under Paris Agreement and EU-ETS

    • Concerning project-based UN initiatives

    • Certified emission rights (CERs) & emission reduction units (ERUs)

  • Guarantee of origin, green certificates & others

    • About carbon credits

    • Concerning green certificates, verified emission rights & others

    • Covering initiatives based on voluntary participation

  • Pricing of emission rights

    • About the ETS phases: 2005-2007, 2008-2012, 2013-2020, 2021-2030

    • Concerning price driving factors

    • Carbon taxation instead of capping & trading

  • Future expectations

    • Price trends

    • Expected new rules

Costul cursului

  • 1800 lei/persoană;

Pentru membrii AFEER:  

  • 1170 lei/persoană sau 6 puncte AFEER+

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