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Derivatives - Overview on Futures Contracts

Nivel 3

15 aprilie 2021

The "Derivatives – Overview on Futures Contracts" course takes place online, being designed to provide participants with details about energy financial contracts.  This course concerns a general introduction to derivatives contracts with focus on futures contracts. The lessons give insight in what these financial instruments concern and how they can be applied.


This course is organised in collaboration with Entrima, to provide a learning solution to market participants in the energy markets. Entrima’s expertise concerns markets, products, pricing and trading, and relates to the value chains of metals, agricultural products, oil, gas, coal and electricity


  • Derivatives

    • Types of derivatives

  • Fundamentals of financial contracts - futures

    • Term contracts in a nutshell, including definitions

    • About the working of futures

  • Futures contract specifications

    • About power contracts

    • Concerning power specifics – delivery period vs. moment

    • Differences between a forward contract and a futures contract

  • Trading futures – Speculating & hedging

    • Learn how to apply futures for proprietary trading

    • Master the application of term contracts to hedge exposures

    • Concerning basis risk

  • Futures position management

    • About opening and closing positions

    • Covering short selling - What is it? How does it work?

    • About clearing of contracts

    • Including collateralization, margining & leverage

  • Settlement of futures contracts

    • About physical delivery &cash settlement

    • Concerning the alternative delivery procedures (ADP)

  • Cascading of power contracts

    • About the process of cascading

    • Concerning the consequences for margining

    • The consequence of cascading for a hedge

    • Market liquidity of month, quarter and year contracts

  • Main advantages of futures contract

    • Netting

    • Partner exposure

    • Hedging

  • Other derivatives (brief overview)

    • Swaps

    • Options

Costul cursului

  • 1800 lei/persoană;

Pentru membrii AFEER:  

  • 1170 lei/persoană sau 6 puncte AFEER+

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